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Now covering Mississauga and Brampton

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I Reply to All Emails Within 14 Minutes

Brampton real estate agent charging low commission but offering full service. Helping people of Mississauga and Brampton. If you are looking for a real estate agent with low 1% commission in Mississauga or Brampton you’ve come to the right place. I’m not a discount agent. Vic Singh – Sales Representative at Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage.

Hello, My Name is Vic Singh

I'm a Real Estate Representative at Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage. I've been a real estate agent in Brampton and Mississauga for the past 12 years. If you have any questions about the Brampton real estate market or Mississauga real estate market feel free to email me. I offer full service but low real estate commission. My commission is only 1% for full service.


I’m a full service Brampton real estate agent. Saving my clients $5,000 to $8,000 when selling their house. Services such panoramic virtual tours and ads on the 1st page are included.

Low commission agent

With over 12 years of experience in the same market I'll be able to find your hidden gem FAST.


Putting good people in good homes is my mission.
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To The Top

Why Choose Me for Your Agent

  • Easy to deal with

    Ever come across salespeople that are so pushy they just turn you off? I'm not one of them. I'm very easy going and don't push you to make any decisions. You are in charge at all times.
  • One stop shopping

    You don't need to look around to find different people to handle the real estate transaction. I have very good people helping me out including movers, lawyers, home inspectors. and so on. You sign with me and let me worry about everything.
  • Experienced and full time

    I have over 12 years of full time experience in this industry. If you need to get a hold of me you can call, text, or email me. I reply back within 14 minutes. Also, I know what clauses and conditions to included in the offer to protect your interests. A rookie can have the best intentions but there's always a chance of a mistake.
  • Office of 465 agents

    Kingsway Brokerage now employs over 465 agents in their Brampton and Mississauga offices. Your listing is promoted to all of them once it goes up on the MLS.

Market Insights

Brampton real estate agent – cheap commission

A property listed on the MLS can be sold by any agent at any company. All realtors have agreed to co-operate with each other when they list a house on the MLS. But just being on the MLS isn’t enough. You also need amazing pictures that’ll make your listing stand out. Let’s...

Woodbridge real estate agents – low commissions

Woodbridge is also home to the Boyd Conservation Area and the Ontario Soccer Centre. In addition, Woodbridge offers numerous parks and greenways, and the Woodbridge Fairgrounds. Woodbridge has excellent public and Catholic schools, plus there is a Christian school, private...

Vaughan real estate agents with low commission

Vaughan is home to the Boyd Conservation Area, the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum, the Vaughan Grove Sports Park,  McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and the Kortright Centre for Conservation. Vaughan also offers Vaughan Mills, a large shopping mall that was opened in...

Mississauga low commission real estate agents

Mississauga is a great place to live. It offers a variety of excellent cultural, entertainment and sports venues, beautiful parks and trails, and superb shopping and night life. Mississauga is home to the  Living Arts Centre, the Meadowvale Theatre, Stage West Theatre Restaurant,...

Low commission Etobicoke real estate agents

However, there are numerous detached homes, semi-detached homes and townhouses available in Etobicoke for sale too. Prices of Etobicoke real estate range from $200,000 to well over a million dollars. However, the average cost of a home in Etobicoke is around $500,000. The average...

Things to do in Brampton for summer 2013

Do you constantly find yourself asking, “what is there to do around here this weekend?” and become frustrated looking through all the online city sites that include things like expensive admission fees or activities that can’t involve the whole family? Well,...

4 mistakes to avoid when hiring a real estate agent

4 Mistakes to Avoid When hiring a real estate agent When it comes time to sell your house you will likely want to hire a professional real estate agent.  Knowledge of these four mistakes, and the strategies to overcome them, will help you make informed choices before you put your...

Getting a Brampton mortgage: 101

[box] Purchasing a new home is very exciting, but it can also be very confusing and stressful. Before prospective Brampton home owners start seriously looking at Brampton real estate they should look into getting a mortgage pre-approved so they know exactly how much they have to...

Brampton real estate agent – Importance of good credit

[box] Credit is when you borrow money to pay for something and promise to pay it back. Credit is pretty well mandatory in Canada, as it would be very difficult to buy a new car or home without it. To help creditors decide whom they can trust to give credit to, a credit score or...

How well do you know Chinguacousy Park?

[box] Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park is one of Brampton’s most popular parks. Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park was established in the 1970s and the city of Brampton has worked hard to make it into one of the best family parks in the Greater Toronto Area. The Chinguacousy...

Not painting your house before selling can cost you thousands

[box] By far, the easiest and least expensive way to improve the selling price of a home and make it more appealing to buyers is by giving it a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom. Painting the interior of a home costs anywhere from $0.50-$4 per square foot, depending on the...